Download - Rich's Rig 01 This will only work correctly in 4 cable method with a Friedman BE-100. You can try changing the channel switching to work with other amps. 23.1 KB
Download - My backup direct rig This is my go to backup live rig. I use this direct in the event my amp has an issue. 24.1 KB
Download - RichA Divided By 13 Preset From the video below 7.8 KB
RichA's - 2204+ preset As seen in one of the videos on this page. 16.4 KB
RA All 4 One My latest live direct preset. No snapshots, set up as a traditional pedalboard with access to a lot of FX that I use. For clean, I just use the volume knob on my guitars. 16.9 KB
RichA's 2 Amp Rig 1 See accompanying video below
New preset using 2 amps (Fender and Marshall) and laid out like a traditional pedalboard. (No snapshots)
Custom IR used: OH 412 MAR-CB V30 57-06
16.6 KB